Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Funday... I've mastered two new tricks today!

This video captures two important milestones.
Madison began "turning" towards her name just a couple of weeks ago - it was so nice to witness, but was it just a coincident? Well Madison turns towards her name 99% of the time and we are convinced she knows that is her name. I also believe she knows "dog" & "Alan". When we ask her "where is Alan.... Where is the dog...?" it really seems as if she is looking for him!!
Rewarding with food has finally paid off - it looks like we will spend the upcoming weekend, baby proofing the apartment!

Monday, March 19, 2012

On The Cusp

6 weeks ago, my “ears” were activated.  During this time, I’ve begun to hear sounds I never knew existed…. The microwave warming up my food, a phone ringing, the door buzzing, the dog barking (well, on occasion), my toys playing music, water filling up my bathtub, mommy & daddy calling my name and saying “I LOVE YOU”… the list is endless.   Since my surgery, I have been to the audiologist 4 times, and will continue to go there for the rest of my life.  My therapists, nanny and parents have been training me on the “LING” sounds.  These sounds represent various speech sounds from low to high pitch.  They are very important to focus on because hearing these sounds ensures that I am hearing everyday conversation.  My parents (and therapists) have “special toys” that they use during play time to incorporate each of these 6 sounds:

Ahhhhh – Airplane is flying by and goes “AHHHH”
Eeeee – Monkey says “EEE EEE EEE”
Ooooo – Cow says “MOOOOOO”
Mmmm – This ice cream tastes good “MMMMM”
Shhhh – The baby is sleeping “SHHHHH”
Ssssss – Here comes a Snake “SSSSS”

In addition, Madison had her PT evaluation occur during the first 15 minutes of her individual speech therapy session at Clarke last Friday March 9.  The evaluation occurred at 8:30 am (with her group therapy session from 9-10 am).  The physical therapist joined Daddy, Gloria, Madison and Lauren.  Upon her arrival she asked, “Does Madison like strangers.”  At that point, Daddy knew things weren’t going to go well.  Madison is pretty particular with the people she likes…she has her inner circle of females – mainly Mommy, Gloria and Jessica – and isn’t too fond of any other ladies.  The therapist takes Madison and then lies her on the ground (on her back) expecting her to move around.  Madison doesn’t move at all.  She’s frozen, like a mummy.  The therapist then tries to “move” Madison and immediately tears begin flowing from Madison’s eyes.  The therapist leaves the room and watches from the observation window and Madison becomes a little more mobile.  The therapist then re-enters and Daddy and Gloria discuss her movements at home.  The therapist believes that Madison is on the cusp of crawling, but if she is not crawling within 4-6 weeks, Madison needs to have another evaluation.  After we were done conversing, Madison pointed at the therapist (she loves to point!!!) and then pointed at the door – instructing her to leave.  Everyone laughed. 

The physical therapist also advised us to have Madison spend as much time as possible on the floor, making sure that we place her favorite toys (or favorite dog!) out of reach, which will encourage Madison to explore… Brian and I are amazed at her progress over these past 10 days.   Expect to see a video of the little Miss crawling within the next week or so… She really is THAT CLOSE!  

Despite my busy schedule, there is still time for some F-U-N!

Can't beat 70 degree weather in NYC during "the winter" - First time on a real swing... I'm so in love!

I began weekly music class with 6 other babies my age... I love banging on the drum and playing with the rain stick.  

Check out my new floor mat.... I spend so much time rolling around learning how to crawl.  Somebody else decided to roll around in it as well....

Any guess who the culprit was???

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8, 2012 - 9 months old today!

Little Miss Madison turns 9 months old today.... 28 inches long and 18.3 lbs! Madison was in serious mode during today's photo shoot and we couldn't crack one smile out of her.  Today was a busy day for everyone - a morning audiology mapping appointment, followed by a mid-day play at the park (thank you for the 70 degree weather in NYC today) and lastly, an afternoon appointment with the pediatrician.... All in all it was a very good day - but the little lady was beyond tired, even for just one tiny smile.
Tomorrow, mark's Madison's 1 month hearing day! Which I can not believe how fast time flies... Things have been progressing very nicely with regards to Madison's hearing and we will be posting an update.
In addition, it has been suggested that Madison receives a Physical Therapy (PT) evaluation.  We received this news yesterday by The Clarke School (which is the location of her speech therapy and group therapy every Friday).  The main reason revolves around the fact that Madison is not crawling at 9 months of age.  We are trying not to get too concerned just yet - Madison will be evaluated tomorrow morning during her speech therapy session.
Stay tuned...