Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Mom.  Mommy.  Mama.  Mother.  Madre.  So many words to describe the role, but so few that can adequately explain the wonder of motherhood and just how much it means.  It is so difficult to capture in words, especially when you have been embarking on a journey that you never even knew existed.
Madison has been “hearing” for 3 months now.  At the 6 week mark, her babbling “vocabulary” truly exploded.  Prior to getting her CIs, she was only really crying or using the “ahhh” or an occasional “ooo” vowel sound to communicate.  We have learned that these are the easiest, most basic vocal sounds for any baby to develop… and it is a sound expressed by all babies – hearing or not.  When a child is born deaf, they often exhibit early signs of babbling... but they soon come to an end. Thank you to cochlear implants, Madison's world has now changed.. and so has ours.   
After 6 weeks of “hearing” Madison finally began using consonant sounds! This was a HUGE step forward.  “MMMMM” – this was a sound we would always use as we fed Madison.  A few days later we woke up to: “YAYAYAYA”  &  “RARARARA” over and over again.  The following day, “MAMAMAMA”  “DADADADA”… Oh, music to my heart!   Never in a million years did I ever expect to be so happy to hear these words. 
Below is a special tribute in honor of Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day to all, especially to my own mother who has taught me so much!

May 8, 2012 - 11 months old

Happy 11 Months to Miss Madison.  We can not believe that she will be turning ONE in just a few weeks!!!

Madison has been crawling a ton, and has been pulling herself to stand up - but is still a bit a way from walking.  Gloria bought Madison a baby doll a few weeks ago, and Madison does not let this baby out of her sight. She sleeps with the baby, eats with the baby and even crawls with the baby.  It's funny how the baby tells the story of her day - oh, are those sweet potatoes all over the baby.  But Madison is a great mom to her baby doll, she hugs it and kisses it - and when we ask her "Where's your baby?" - she even crawls to it.  In addition, she has been using her baby as a form of communication.  When Madison wants to play on the floor, or crawl around, she drops her doll.  If she wants to go outside, she points to the door - but if you happen to walk past the stroller, she will literally throw the doll into the stroller.

Madison has been hearing for 3 months and we have seen noticeable changes - she turns to her name, she has been babbling and we think she even knows the dog's (Alan) name - as she only uses a one syllable word when trying to get the dog's attention ("Ahhhhl")...well maybe sometimes the "L" at the end is missing.  Even though the dog is her best friend, she has become more social in her group therapies, though we hope she breaks out of her shell even more.

Madison's schedule has changed.  She still goes to The Center four times a week for individual speech therapy and attends a weekly group session at The Clarke School.  But, she is now receiving Early Intervention services at our apartment with Michelle - a graduate student at Columbia.  So far, Madison has been very receptive of Michelle and we hope this continues.

Her busy schedule just keeps going.  Therapy, story time at the New York Public Library (see picture, where Madison wanted to be in the circle of attention), Washington Market Park, Music Class, Battery Park, the Pier and of course, Barnes & Noble.  Madison loves the great NYC weather and you might see her gallivanting around Lower Manhattan.