Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Mom.  Mommy.  Mama.  Mother.  Madre.  So many words to describe the role, but so few that can adequately explain the wonder of motherhood and just how much it means.  It is so difficult to capture in words, especially when you have been embarking on a journey that you never even knew existed.
Madison has been “hearing” for 3 months now.  At the 6 week mark, her babbling “vocabulary” truly exploded.  Prior to getting her CIs, she was only really crying or using the “ahhh” or an occasional “ooo” vowel sound to communicate.  We have learned that these are the easiest, most basic vocal sounds for any baby to develop… and it is a sound expressed by all babies – hearing or not.  When a child is born deaf, they often exhibit early signs of babbling... but they soon come to an end. Thank you to cochlear implants, Madison's world has now changed.. and so has ours.   
After 6 weeks of “hearing” Madison finally began using consonant sounds! This was a HUGE step forward.  “MMMMM” – this was a sound we would always use as we fed Madison.  A few days later we woke up to: “YAYAYAYA”  &  “RARARARA” over and over again.  The following day, “MAMAMAMA”  “DADADADA”… Oh, music to my heart!   Never in a million years did I ever expect to be so happy to hear these words. 
Below is a special tribute in honor of Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day to all, especially to my own mother who has taught me so much!


  1. That warms my heart! Babydoll in tow and all :)

  2. This is so wonderful Jen! She's making such beautiful, happy sounds. Happy Mother's Day. It's been a difficult year, but as a true selfless, giving Mom, you are a rock star. Miss Madison is one lucky girl she has you as her Mom! I hope you enjoyed your weekend!
    Big hugs!