Saturday, August 27, 2011

July 19 – “Good… She passed”

We needed Madison to sleep while the audiologist conducted the test.  The test itself was about 30 minutes.  After numerous feeding sessions she finally cooperated.  Tiny electrodes were placed on her head – one on her forehead and one behind each ear.  On the computer screen during the test was a graph with an X and Y axis.  The y-axis was numbered from 1 through 5.  The x-axis was more of a timeline.  We needed the plot to get to the number 3.  It would rise from 0 to 1, then 1 to 1.5 – and for the left ear it made it all the way to a tad above 2, but then would drop back down.  Reality started setting in, but we thought that there had to be some hearing.  Why else would the line move up? The next test was for fluid.  Upon seeing the results, the audiologist said, “Good…. She passed.” – translation = she didn’t have any fluid in her ears.  This was a test we were hoping that she would fail.  Unfortunately, that was not the case…

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