Saturday, August 27, 2011

July 21 – Tests, Tests and More Tests

After discussing potential outcomes between my husband and I – we were expecting the doctor to say that the left ear was better than the right ear.  We were not prepared for the news we were about to year….  Instead, we were told, “Your daughter has at the very least moderate hearing loss in both ears.”  Shocked, we asked about the different (better) results for the left ear vs. the right ear.  The doctor said that because the readings were so low, that he was unable to assume that one ear was better than the other.  Tears, followed by more tears…followed by the doctor saying, “It’s good that we’re finding this out at such a young age.  If this is her only issue, chances are she’ll be able to live a great life…It could always be worse.”  Another hearing test was scheduled to determine the exact level of hearing loss, this was called a ABR diagnostic test.  This is similar to the ABR screen test but the test is longer and results are much more detailed.  Additional appointments were scheduled – one with an Opthalmologist to determine if Madison has any vision problems and another with a genetics specialist – to determine if there is a genetic link to her hearing loss.

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