Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 1, 2011 - She's a Fighter!

I spoke with the nurse the night before, confirming Madison's CT appointment for Nov at 1pm at NYU Medical Center.  No food (in her case, milk) 4 hours prior to her appointment.  Luckly one of our friends forewarned us about her clothing... no metal is allowed in the CT-machine and most newborn onesie's have metal snaps.  Obviously we would have not even thought about this, but good thing we were able to plan ahead!

We arrived at the hospital around 12:30 and checked in at admitting.  Madison was given a cute beanie baby toy to play with as we filled out paperwork.  We arrived to the Radiology suite by 12:45.  It was a ghost town and nobody was in sight.  I began to pace the hallways (holding Madison, to keep her occupied)... a woman down the hall finally approached me, "This must be Madison."  I was so glad to find someone to help us, since our appointment was for 1pm.  I was getting anxious because Madison had not eaten since 8:45am... and she usually eats every 3.5 to 4 hours.  The woman told me the anesthesiologist was running late and that we probably wouldn't start until 1:15.  1:20pm rolled around... "It's looking like another 20 minutes." By now, Madison was passed out on my chest.  I was so glad that she was sleeping, despite being hungry.  Brian and I were amazed at how well behaved she was in the waiting room.  The nurse suggested that we try to place Madion in the bed and do the CT scan without sedation.  Why not give it at try, right? Miraciously she stayed asleep while they laid her into the table, draped lead apron over her and tucked her little arms to the side.  She was sucking on her pacifier and we were told "no sucking allowed".  By than Brian and I both realized this was going to be was a lost cause.... back to the waiting room we go.  An hour and 15 minutes after our scheduled appointment, the anesthesiologist finally shows up.  He tells us he was held up in another procedure and was sorry for the delay.  By this point, Madison was hysterically crying - she was tired, hungry and confused.  Everyone in the room was very rushed - trying to get the procedure underway.  Madison was in my arms... a gas mask was shoved over her face and held in place for about 60 seconds (which felt like an eternity for us).  In fact, the nurse commented "Oh my goodness, your daughter, she's a fighter!"  Madison was screaming the entire time, kicking her legs, waving her arms, and had such a confused look on her face, "What is going on mommy? Why are they doing this to me?".  By this point, Madison wasn't the only one crying... Brian and I left the room and the procedure began.  25 minutes later, the nurse came to get us.... "Madison was a champ and did just great!  She just woke up from the sedation. You can come get her now."  For the first time, it was somewhat comforting to hear our little girl cry.  We went into recovery, where we were able to calm her and feed her.  Within 20 minutes, Madison was back to her normal self.  We were discharged from the hospital by 3:30pm. 

Shortly after we got home, we sent an email to the ENT surgeon at NYU, Dr. Roland - letting him know the CT scan was completed and that we are anxious for the results.  Within the hour, Dr Roland responded, "The inner ear structures and cochlear appear to be normal."  What a sigh of relief.... This news meant that Madison is a candidate for Cochlear Implants!  Today was another GREAT day!

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