Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 8, 2011 - 5 months old

Mommy and I love to spend time together during naked baby massage sessions.  I get undressed and we do all sorts of stretches.  I think my mommy wishes she had massage time for herself too!
Alan is my older brother and I say hello to him every morning.  I love petting (grabbing) his fur.  He usually gives me a big lick across the face.
Daddy and I love reading books together.  My favorite book is "The Bellybutton Book".  I love my Bee bo.
I have a gas button on each of my feet that mommy can press when I'm backed up and ...
So in love with my feet! I found them a few weeks ago and can't stop playing with them.  I love putting them in my mouth.
Oatmeal.  I will be trying solid food for the first time next week.  Special baby oatmeal mixed with breast milk.  I am very curious to what it will taste like.  I'm sure I will make a huge mess during my first feeding session.
Night-time rituals consist of B-B-B-B.  Bath, Books, Bottle, Bed.   I'm finally sleeping through the night (most of the time).  I know my mommy and daddy are happy to finally catch up on sleep.

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