Monday, January 2, 2012

December 2011 - "4 Days A Week"

Brian and I requested to increase the frequency of Madison’s therapy at The Center to 4 days a week (Monday – Thursday).  We were so grateful when we received the approval!  By doing this, we will be ramping down Madison’s Early Intervention services at Clarke to just one day a week (Fridays only – Group session + speech session Lauren).  Overall, this change will provide Madison with more therapy time because the sessions at The Center are 1 hour each, whereas at Clarke they were 30min. Plus, The Center is located only a few blocks away from our apartment… allowing for an easier commute with the little lady’s very busy schedule. These changes will be going into effect in January of 2012.

Madison has been going to The Center since August.  Translation:  She has been receiving therapy since she was 2.5 months old!  Brian and I believe that the services offered through The Center have been great to our daughter.  She began her services with Lois (Director at The Center) over the summer, and when the “school year” started, Madison began working with Jessica twice a week.  Now, she’ll be seeing Jessica 4 days a week.  As you’ll see from the video, Madison truly enjoys her time at The Center. 

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