Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December 2011 - "Eating the Wrapping Paper"

December was filled with a lot of fun surprises!

St. Nicholas Day - My parents told me all about St. Nicolas Day and 
they taught me about this special tradition.  I left my booties out under
my crib on December 6th and woke up the following morning to a cute
little book.  I guess I have been a good little girl this year!

Hannukah - 8 days of presents? Wow! I enjoyed lighting (really should
say EATING) the candles to my wooden menorah every night.  Does it
get any better than this?

Christmas - Spent the weekend out on Long Island with Grandma and
Grandpa Ellis.  I enjoyed watching the trains around the Christmas
tree.  On Christmas morning we opened a whole bunch of presents.  I
enjoyed eating the wrapping paper.  I ate from a high chair for the
very first time and discovered my favorite food, carrots.  I requested
to try a Christmas cookie but was told they can't be pureed.  Guess
I'll have to wait until I'm a bit older.

Vacation - I had my first family vacation with Mommy and Daddy.  We
left right after Christmas and headed down to Florida for the week.  I
survived the plane ride, it wasn't too bad.  I got to visit many
family members, a few for the first time.  First stop was to meet
Great-Nana Ellis and Great-Uncle Ellis.  Than I headed over to stay
with Grandpa and Grandma Kramer.  I got to visit my Great-Aunt & Uncle
Ellis and 3 Great-Cousins along the way, along with a cat!  I also got to 
meet my Great-Nana Kramer and Great-GiGi Kramer.  From the pictures below, 
I'm sure you can see that I had such a great time.

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